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Features Starter Professional Enterprise
No. of accounts unlimited unlimited unlimited
No. of corporate sites unlimited unlimited unlimited
No. of contacts unlimited unlimited unlimited
No. of products/services unlimited unlimited unlimited
No. of real-time sharing with the supply chain unlimited unlimited unlimited
Mobile App - Additional Users €120/yr €120/yr €100/yr
Additional storage space 1TB not available €400/yr €400/yr
iProd Sync 1 1 multiples
Sales commissions Marketplace 15% 10% 5%
Sales commissions Machine customer not available 15% 10%
Additional IoT Tablets not available €500/yr included
API calls 1.000/mo 50.000/mo 400.000/mo
additional WO €2/ea €2/ea included
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Addons Starter Professional Enterprise
Personal App pack: not available €24/yr included
• Google Calendar Sync   €10/yr  
• Outlook Calendar Sync   €10/yr  
• Google Contacts Sync   €10/yr  
• Outlook contacts Sync   €10/yr  
HubSpot CRM not available €240/yr included
Aruba electronic invoice not available €120/yr included
Advanced feature tracking not available €1,500€/yr included
Quality Control Module not available €1,500€/yr included

iProd Starter

The completely free version, to enter the iProd ecosystem with no limits on the number of users, machines, product listings, sales orders, production sites and plants, employees and turnover!

With iProd Starter, you no longer forget the components, materials and tools needed to make them. You will thus be able to find out in advance the profitability of each of your items and each individual production step

No credit card is required.

iProd Professional

Add to the iProd Starter version the resources you need to continue to carry out the productive activities of your company.

iProd Professional adapts over time to the needs and size of your business. So you continuously grow your business, at a very competitive cost.

With iProd Professional, you order what you need when you need it, delegating to iProd the automatic generation of purchases and production orders based on your actual needs and inventory .

Buy securely by credit card via PayPal.

iProd Enterprise

The most comprehensive version of iProd includes the package Professional, plus:

  • Unlimited work orders (WOs) per year
  • Unlimited iProd Sync
  • No limit on iProd Iot Connected
  • Customizable business profile page

Join the iProd ecosystem now!

iProd Tablet

iProd Tablet

The industrial IoT Tablet 4.0, highly resistant and reliable, to communicate with machines and assets.

Based on Intel architecture, it is the Intel IoT Market Ready Solutions (IMRS) solution that enables manufacturers to increase profitability.

It allows you to connect industrial machines, operators and managers to the iProd ecosystem, easily and in within minutes.

Connected by Alleantia

iProd IoT Tablet, created in collaboration with Alleantia, provides the IoT plug&play interface for connecting to the CNC/PLC of the production machine or assembly system.

Connect an unlimited number of iProd IoT Tablets to receive and transmit real-time information to the machine and to the operator, thanks to a user-friendly interface.

A truly unmissable opportunity to undertake the digital transformation of the company!

iProd IoT Tablet
• IoT machine data interchange
• 15-inch industrial tablet
• hyperdepreciation and Tax Credit 4.0
Additional device on IoT Tablet
(up to 4 total devices)
Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG)

Greenhouse gas (GHG)
emission reporting

Compile and share your energy documentation with a client, including a description of CO2 emissions divided into Scope 1, 2, and 3.

Supplier Free

Compile and share your energy documentation with a client, including a description of CO2 emissions divided into Scope 1, 2, and 3.

  • 1 site
  • 1 connected client

Automatically associate your emission reports with LCIA (ecoinvent database) and share the documents with your clients and suppliers.

  • 1 site
  • 100 LCIA
  • 10 clients
  • 100 suppliers

Effortlessly create energy documentation with iProd AI and share comprehensive reports with your network of clients and suppliers.

  • 1 site
  • 100 LCIA
  • 20 connected clients
  • 200 audited suppliers

For businesses requiring energy documentation across multiple sites and efficient sharing within an extensive supply chain.

  • 10 sites
  • 500 LCIA
  • Unlimited connected clients
  • 4,000 suppliers
Common features Supplier Free Lite Pro Enterprise
AI to Scan Shipping Documents no no yes yes
AI for Bill Scanning no no yes yes
Integration with Outlook calendar for ESG travel accounting no no yes yes
Integration with Google calendar for ESG travel accounting no no yes yes
AI grouping of products in uniform emission categories no no yes yes
Ecoinvent database of CO2 emissions - no yes yes
Additional business sites - - Get a quote Get a quote
Additional audited supplier - - Get a quote Get a quote
No. of additional emission coefficient - - Get a quote Get a quote
Emissions Dashboard - - yes yes
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